Taylor & Quentin | Meet the Couple

Saturday is the big day! Taylor and Quentin will say "I do" and walk away as husband and wife. I first met Taylor through her mom, who attends church with me. The first conversation I had with Taylor, I could not ignore how excited she was to be Quentin's wife. That's the way conversations with engaged ladies should be, so I was totally cool with it. ;) 

Their wedding at Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is sure to be a day filled with joy and sweet personal touches. Check back next week for a recap. Until then, learn a little bit about the couple of the weekend!

What has been the best part about being engaged?
The best part about being engaged from my standpoint is the planning. It’s so fun and exciting to put together ideas I’ve had in my head for years for my dream wedding. Other than that, just being able to call Quentin my “fiancé” is rewarding and makes my heart feel all fuzzy anytime I say it. We will have been together for 6 years on October 1, so that day is very special for us. 

Taylor, what do you like most about Quentin?
There’s always 100 things someone could (hopefully) list about their significant other but his ability to just make me relax, calm down and enjoy each day and laugh is important and means a lot to me. I’m very organized and like to stick to set schedules so he kind of makes me bend the rules and enjoy the ride when I’m stressing and worrying too much. He is very honest which in some cases isn’t the greatest thing, but I know I can always count on him for the truth. He can make me laugh in the snap of a finger and we truly just have a blast together day in and day out. One of the most important qualities he has that drives me insane is how positive he is after any situation. He is constantly saying “things will get better,” “look at the bright side,” “this isn’t our outcome it’s just a detour.” No matter what life will throw at us, I know he is going to brush off the bad and move forward, even if he has to drag me when I don’t have the energy to strive for the light at the end of the tunnel through certain obstacles we will face. We work so well together and I think that is very imperative.

Quentin, what do you like most about Taylor?
I was told I have a paragraph to write about my favorite thing about Taylor. Her personality has stood out to me from the beginning. She is so loving and caring and too smart for her own good, which makes me mad sometimes cause it’s hard to win in certain situations. She isn’t very funny but her goofy laugh and witty personality always makes me laugh. She would seriously take the shoes off her feet to give to someone and she is constantly asking me what she can do to make something better after a rough day and making sure I always have what I need. She has truly been my best friend and go to for the past six years and I truly can’t thank her enough for being who she is and loving me unconditionally day in and day out. Her heart is bigger than anyone I have ever met and I truly feel so lucky to be able to call her mine. When I think of my future wife, I think of the one who I would want as the mother of my kids one day and I’ve never been able to second guess my first impression of her joyful personality and ability to care for anyone no matter what. She’s exactly the one I want by my side to experience everything with down the road.

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?
I’m most excited about spending the day with our families and coming together as one and just having a good time and having everyone we love under one roof to experience the love we have for each other. Most of my family has never met his family and vice versa so it will mean a lot for us to have everyone together. I’m excited for Quentin to see me in my wedding dress. 

If you had to pick a word for your relationship, what would it be?
One word for our relationship would definitely be adventurous. We aren’t the type to sit in the house or be bored at any time of the day. We are constantly on the move visiting friends, going to Duke Basketball games, Washington Nationals baseball games. We love going to batting cages, playing mini golf, bowling. Just always doing something together to enjoy ourselves. We can’t wait to one day travel and explore other areas of the world, whenever our checkbook lets us, which may be never but we can dream until then :)

Three dreams/goals for your marriage.
Grow together with Christ.
Never give up! Sadly, with young marriages and relationships these days in general, it is imperative to learn to work together and establish an understanding of perseverance through anything after we dedicate our marriage to Christ. It's a goal of ours to continue to learn to work together and get through anything.
Remaining to be each others best friend, biggest supporter and always remember to have fun and be as stress free as possible! Sometimes we have to remember to focus on the little things that brought us together and have kept us together and continue to work together and support each other throughout everything. 

Thank you both for letting me be part of your wedding day! It is an honor and a privilege to assist you on the best day of your lives!