Power of a Thank You

Do you write thank you notes? I do. It's something my mom taught me. I have watched her hand-write notes to her bffs all my life. I love it. Besides, WHO DOESN'T LOVE GETTING MAIL?

I received this precious card from a industry hero of mine...it made my day. (ps- they match her brand, in case you want to guess who!)

thank you card

If you think it takes a lot to turn someone's day around, you're wrong. Take out your pen, get a piece of paper, an envelope, and a stamp, and get to writing. Snail mail is not a thing of the past. Yes, a virtual 'thank you' is perfectly acceptable, but the fact that you could take the time to physically do something, that shows effort.

I've made a goal to send at least 2 hand written cards per week. So if you're a friend of mine, a vendor I've worked with, or just someone I admire, your mailbox could be next!

sweet tart hearts