Thankful for Mondays

Happy day after Easter Sunday! This weekend was a whirlwind, but I loved every second of it! After singing in 5 performances of our church Easter production, getting up at 3:15 am on Sunday, singing in 4 services, and trying to keep up with my work in between, I am one tired girl!

peter rabbit styled shoot

Every year, our church puts on an Easter production, ripe with singing, music, drama, and the full story of the Gospel. This year was a little different. We mixed it up with some more modern forms of art, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it immensely. My character (Susie) was a scatterbrained girl who lost her keys, phone, and mind all within a 3 minute song. At the end of my scene, Cal (Johnny) comes out and I tell him all about my traumatic day. The scene ended with me getting a text from the OBGYN that we were going to have a baby. Over the course of 5 shows, in front of a ton of people, I got to spill the beans to my husband that we were expecting. It was MUCH different from what actually happened in real life, but still managed to get me choked up a few times. Fortunately, my bump decided not to show before this weekend. What a story spoiler that would have been!

Anyone else have a tradition of buying a new Easter outfit each year? I grew up getting a new dress (that usually matched whatever my brother wore) and I'm still not able to give up this shopping adventure whenever Spring rolls around. Like any other year, I searched for the perfect outfit. I mostly tried on non-maternity clothes, thinking going up a size would accommodate any changes, but I was wrong. After much frustration, I finally started trying on maternity dresses. They are all so horrible! All I wanted was something new for myself that would help me stick to my tradition. I ended up wearing a pair of pants, that I already owned, and a shirt that cost way too much for a single item of clothing. AND at the end of the day, I realized I forgot to take a picture.

Easter is the BEST Sunday of the year at our church! We start off with a 6:30 am sunrise service. This year, Cal spoke! I arrived at church around 5:40 am and we had no power. Luckily, I had stopped at 7-11 for a round of coffee, so those of us that really needed caffeine were good to go. I was talking to our worship pastor, Cliff, and said, "So what time did the power company say we'd have it back?" and BOOM, the power came on. The timing was super strange, but I am glad we were able to hold services as normal.

I love seeing my friends give their kids Easter baskets. It's an exciting morning for sure, and I remember getting my chocolate bunnies and small treats from my parents, but I definitely don't plan on treating Easter like Christmas. Cal and I talked about it. We want to give our little one some treats and maybe a small toy or two, but there will definitely be a small budget and a focus on the meaning of Easter. Easter is bigger than Christmas, but the gifts don't have to be. Besides, the basket we do for our son or daughter next year will be ALL FOR US!!!!! Haha! I am glad babies can't eat candy! ;) 

Have a great Monday!! I can't promise any exciting baby announcements this week, but I'm planning on FINALLY making the shift to my new website! :)

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