Thankful for Mondays

My first wedding of 2016 is under my belt! It was the absolute best and I can't wait to share my iPhone sneak peek of Michael and Haleigh's big day. Make sure you check back tomorrow for that!

Weekends fly by entirely too fast! It feels like it was just Friday afternoon! Cal went to the rehearsal with me, then we made an at home date night of it. We tried to make a pizza, but much to my pregnant dismay, the dough was frozen. After letting it thaw out for a bit, I decided I was too hungry to wait, so I rolled it out, added sauce, cheese, and popped it in the oven. I do not recommend this. My half of the pizza still had chunks of dough that didn't cook fully... Then we cuddled with the babies. It was the best. 


Saturday evening, after I got home from the wedding, I ordered from Amazon's Prime delivery service. It's new to Hampton Roads, and I was feeling especially lazy, so I went for it! SO CONVENIENT!!! I opted for the free 2-hour delivery, but it came within 45 minutes. They don't have the biggest selection, but I know it will improve. If you have Prime and you live in one of the eligible zip codes, do it!

Sunday is my favorite part of the weekend. I take the Lord's commandment to rest very seriously. Yesterday was no exception. Cal made the unhealthiest of lunches and my cousin Amanda hung out with us all day. 

Grilled cheese on fresh, thick cut bread. 

Grilled cheese on fresh, thick cut bread. 

As for the Super Bowl, did anyone else find it terribly boring? I like Peyton Manning and all, but I was pulling for Cam and the Panthers. It was their season!! Even the commercials were lame. This one did stand out to me. ;)

Have a lovely Monday! I hope your weekend was a fantastic and restful as mine.