Thankful for Mondays | Welcome 2016

I'm writing this from the couch. This weekend, I was hit with sickness. It's that cold, chills, sore throat yucky that's going around. Saturday, I spent most of the day on the couch. BUT one really awesome thing that came out of that is that I discovered Making a Murderer on Netflix. Anybody watch that yet? I am totally sucked in. So, thankfully, my sick day was sort of productive.

Anyone else feel like if you're sick, you should be able to continue working, even from the couch or bed? That's always been my mentality. I mean, I'm still resting, aren't I? Well, instead of giving into the pile of wedding work on my desk, I truly rested.

Sunday morning, I sang at church with my dear friend, Kayla. After being up all night not feeling well, and waking up with a scratchy throat, it was a miracle any noise squeaked out of me. I want to thank God,  mr. lemon, and miss honey for helping me through this problem!

Now, the fun part! I attended the Creative at Heart Conference Birthday Bash at Paisley and Jade on Sunday afternoon. Having attended the very first conference one year ago, I was excited to see old (and new) friends again. Isn't social media so funny? I have interacted with most of these ladies via FB or Instagram for the past 12 months, so I feel like I know them, but we may have only had a 3-5 minute face-to-face conversation.

Natalie Franke spoke about pushing through failure and defining your own success. It was just what I needed. Not that I feel like I'm a failure, please don't misunderstand, but sometimes, brides don't respond when I send them my pricing. Sometimes, they flat out tell me I'm not what they are looking for. That's hard as an individual, but I really try not to take it personally. Truthfully, we've all been shut down. Everyone has been told no. Natalie encouraged us. She reminded us that, even in her successes, she faces discouragement, trials, let downs. You just have to keep getting back up. With every couple of no's, I hear a yes....and those brides are the ones that I get to pamper, love on, and see through the biggest day of their lives. Not a bad deal. ;)

My favorite part of the afternoon? Eating the birthday cake, made by Amanda of Sorby Sweets. Seriously, this cake blew my mind. I would have LOVED to grab all the leftovers, but I don't think there were any.

sorby sweets birthday cake
creative at heart conference

Despite being sick, I plan on making today useful. I've got a wedding timeline to finish (Feb 6 will be here SO SOON!!!) and lots of goal setting to do! Happy Monday!