Thankful for Mondays

This is the real life edition of a Thankful for Mondays post. Last week kicked my butt. Seriously. I have a template I use to keep my daily tasks organized, and usually, it works. Not last week. Every time I sat down to be productive, a wave of distraction hit me.

Last Tuesday was the day I was going to have my new website ready. Nope.

I promised myself I would clear out the nursery over the weekend. Nope.

My health insurance company has been a thorn in my side for the past 2 months and I HAD to call them last week (for the 9th time). Nope.

Laundry. Someone needs to bring a shovel and come dig me out.

Last Wednesday, I added "write March blog calendar"...Nope.

I'm partially blaming this all on my being pregnant. I mean, I'm tired and hungry, so those two activities get more attention than normal anyway. People keep telling me I need to rest, but I'm certain they don't understand how hard that is for me to do when my to do list is 4 miles long. I am a person who cannot sit still.

Aside from the many things I need to accomplish, this weekend did come with a few celebrations! Amanda sent me the full gallery from our styled shoot back in October. If you didn't see, we were featured on Every Last Detail last week! I am SO PROUD and cannot believe I played in a part in this beautiful finished product. It's such an honor to see your work displayed...just like it was in 3rd grade when my terrible paintings went on the kitchen fridge.

It's all so beautiful! I can't wait to share my favorite parts in the coming weeks!

Lastly, my next wedding is in just 12 days and I AM SO EXCITED! This is a big one, and one that means a lot to me personally. It's like Christmas. It'll take forever to get here and when it's over, I'll wish it could come back.

Happy Monday! Go tackle all of your to-dos!