Thankful for Mondays

This past week was a serious blur. I thought I blogged on Thursday - totally did not! Ha!  

This weekend was consumed with an event for my day job called The Great Hot Coco War. To celebrate the Grand Illumination Parade in Downtown Norfolk, we invited 13 other restaurants to join us in a competition of chocolatey proportions!  


My boss was the mastermind behind it all, I just helped with a few minor details.  

Like this... 


We didn't win, but had a great time dishing the smack talk. 

Additionally, I received several 2016 inquiries this weekend, which always feels like getting a birthday present. I cannot say how excited I am for next wedding season! So many sweet couples, different venues, I am grateful. But there's something about the here and now that I need to appreciate. This off season is allowing me to catch up on some personal projects, our house list, and spending more time with Cal. I've realized more and more that it's more important to actually tend to the people and needs in my life, rather than appearing to have it all together on social media. I don't have it all together. Sometimes I forget to blog. Sometimes I go DAYS without posting anything on social media. Other days I don't read my bible or spend time with God. And THAT is the worst thing to forget. 

So I'm using this Monday to use my downtime for rest, reflection...and a whole bunch of laundry!  

Happy Monday! You got this!