That Time I Caught the Bouquet

I have been to a lot of weddings, probably more than the average person. My mom seems to know everyone; therefore, I know mostly everyone...and I've been to most everyone's wedding. Before I met Cal, catching the bouquet was just something I did. In fact, I liked it so much, I caught it 7 (SEVEN) times. Repeat: seven. Have you ever been to a wedding where no one even tried to catch the bouquet? BORING!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I can't remember details of every single catch. I SO wish I could find pictures of them all. (Some were pre-digital camera. Unfathomable!)


My college roommate, Karen, had a beautiful plantation wedding in Fall 2006. I can't remember if I wrestled for this one or not.


My mom's childhood bff has 3 kids, and I grew up with them. Shaun was lucky to marry this beauty, Jessi. They've been married 7 years now! I was pretty aggressive at her wedding...there is a shot of me catching that bouquet that I hope you never see.


This one was definitely a set up. My best friend, Kim, got married in July 2008. She pelted that thing at me. Again, a set up. Cal and I were dating at the time. I think she thought it would help move things along. ;)

Two of my cousins were married within a short time of one another. Both times, that bundle of floral was mine. Another one, I caught at the wedding of my childhood friends, Missy and Josh. Another was caught at some random wedding; not sure I remember who that was.


There's a snapshot of my maids, me, and the last bouquet I'll ever need!

There really wasn't going to be a moral to this story. I just thought it was a very strange series of events. However, I got to thinking about it. At one time, I was single, lonely, and felt like I would never meet a man who truly lived up to my standards. I was "that girl who caught bouquets" at every wedding. Then I met Cal. He was completely and totally worth waiting for. I'd go through those lonely and single times all over again, if it meant I could meet him. Girls, do not settle. Wait for the right one. He's the one you really want.

Okay, I'm done being sappy. Hope you got a good laugh.