Thoughts on Being Pregnant | Week 12

In case you didn't know, Cal and I are expecting our first child in August! I still don't believe it, but have heard the heartbeat and saw the little buster on an ultrasound, so I definitely know it's true. Side note: I am almost at 12 these posts will technically be like 2 days behind.

This is the start of a weekly series. I don't plan on dedicating too much blog space to my pregnancy, as this is still a site geared toward potential couples, but I certainly don't want to ignore such a momentous occasion in my life. These posts will vary in shape and size, but will mainly give updates on how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking, and my experiences as an ever-growing woman.

Our first ultrasound and everything was just peachy...including my probably-over-blushed-cheeks.

Our first ultrasound and everything was just peachy...including my probably-over-blushed-cheeks.

Yep, my wedding season is totally affected, but I don't mind! I will not be taking any events in July, August, or September. Outside of that, pile 'em up! If you need a recommendation for your event during one of those months, I will happily refer you to one of my talented friends!

Don't know. No clue. Not taking suggestions at the moment.

My favorite beverage in all the land is coffee. If I could turn into a drink, it would be a piping hot mug of freshly brewed Ethiopian blend. Since the beginning of December, I have only been able to successfully finish about 8 cups of coffee. Honestly, I don't know how I'm still alive. Before, it was essential to keeping my eyes open any given moment of the day, but I just can't stand the taste. I still try to drink a cup every couple of days or so, but usually end up giving it to Cal. Coffee, my dear friend, we will be together again one day. I PROMISE!

My precious kittens have been stuck to me like leeches. I don't hate it. It has become increasingly more apparent that they like me more than Cal because every time I come home or walk into the room, they stop caring he exists. BUT CAL GETS TO DRINK COFFEE, SO I'M NOT BOTHERED BY THIS.

Social Media
It was so difficult for me to keep my mouth shut online, I sort of stopped posting. If you follow me on Instagram (you can HERE), you may have noticed I fell off the ol' regular schedule. Instead, whenever I got the urge to post something about the baby, I just shared a cat pic.

My clothes still fit. Several people have said "I knew it" or "I wondered" - and while I know they mean no harm, all I hear is, "You've totally been looking fatter!" So, to put it out there, my little tummy is sweet-potato-induced and has been around for longer than I'd care to admit. I have only gained about 4 lbs and am still wearing all of my normal clothes. Side note: Maternity clothes are SO EXPENSIVE. The clothing companies know they are marketing to a very small group and I find it offensive. We are at their mercy. STOP OPPRESSING MY PEOPLE! There, I said it.

While I am certain I've only heard the beginning of the advice columns, it has already started to make my eye twitch a little. So, in case you are reading this, if I have questions, I'll ask. If you have a birth horror story, I don't want to know. If you had the easiest birth of all time, that's nice, but don't tell me about'll only make me resent you later when I'm screaming at the top of my lungs. Requested advice is my favorite kind! I know childbirth is the BEST experience of some women's lives and they can't wait to talk about it, but I'm just not that kind of gal. I don't get wrapped up in all the feelings and baby Facebook posts. I'll stick to the food videos! Exceptions to this rule: my mom and Cal's mom.

Haven't been sick! Well, that's a relative statement. I got an upper respiratory thingy at the beginning of January and it has yet to go away completely. But as for any sickness, I had two bouts of food-triggered sickness, but that's all. No nausea. I've been so fortunate and don't take it for granted.

Lastly, I know this child is a gift. Many of my friends tried to have a baby for a long time, some of them are still trying. I don't take this responsibility lightly, especially when I'm poking fun at myself...because I will. To the girls who are still waiting, everyone's road is different. Your worth is not in being a wife or a mother or even a good friend, but it is in Jesus and the FREE gift he offers. If this is something you've struggled with and need someone to talk to, I'd love to offer an ear.

Thanks for reading! Next week, I'll share how we found out!