Thoughts on Being Pregnant | Week 13

I am a little taken aback by the response from last week's post. If I knew having a baby would drive that kind of traffic to my website, I would have had one ages ago. (KIDDING - that's not why you have a kid.)

This week, I want to share how Cal and I found out we were going to be parents. It's not much of a thrilling tale, but people have asked.

Our tale begins on Sunday, December 6th in the hallway at church. I was headed to my small group after singing with the choir. My good friend Bryan passed me in the hall and said, "You know, I had a vision you were pregnant with a (insert gender here - not sharing that for now, in case it's true, then I'll really give Bryan mad props!)." I was like yeah, okay, sure and we laughed about it and went on our merry ways.

The following Wednesday, I met up with Echard Wheeler, my friend and super talented photographer. He was taking my new head shots for my soon-to-be updated website. Something you must know about me, I have been paranoid for the past 6.75 years of people thinking I'm pregnant. If you can imagine, I walk through the halls at church and certain people look at my stomach. EVERY WEEK. I promise you I am not making this up. Being that Cal's dad is the pastor, people regularly suggest that I need to give the church a grandchild. Truthfully, this stuff has paralyzed me in my wardrobe choices. It doesn't help that modern trends dress women in maternity-esque clothing anyway. I probably should just not care what anyone says, but when you hear something enough...

Sorry, back to Echard and my photos. After much laboring (pun intended), I decided on this outfit you see below. When he started shooting, I asked Echard to make sure I didn't look pregnant. He laughed and said, "Are you?!" I admitted I wasn't and it was something I wanted to avoid for my website photos.

Photo by  Echard Wheeler  Makeup by  Beauty by Sharra

That night, I thought about Bryan's comment and I thought there could be a small I took a test. The second line was reeeeally faint, so I googled that particular test and read reviews. After deciding it must be real, I just called Cal into the bathroom and showed it to him. It was pretty lame. But we were happy and kept laughing - both of us knowing things were never going to be the same.

This was the first picture we took together after finding out. However, no one else knew until Christmas day! That story will come a little later. :)