Thoughts on Being Pregnant | Week 14

Let's get right to it. First, a short review of my week 12 post.

Still no names yet. People have asked. Once we find out the gender, then I'll really start thinking about it.

I continue to start cups of coffee, but alas, no dice. It's good I've been cured of my caffeine addiction, but I do miss the flavor.

They have turned their attention to the impending nursery. The room normally-used-for-storage-of-junk has been cleared out bit by bit. My dad is planning on painting next month during his vacation, which will send them into a frenzy. *Unrelated, Frasier cries all the time. He just wants me to open doors to the forbidden rooms, but it is really starting to get old. I guess he's preparing me for an even louder crier.

I will be moving into the awkward "strangers can't tell if you're pregnant or full of burritos" stage pretty soon. I had my first clothing crisis the other day. My comfy clothes were all in the was pretty serious.

Tired. Always. Someone asked if my morning sickness had started yet...I'm pretty sure I'm past that being an issue.


I am excited to register!!!! Registering for our wedding was an absolute nightmare, so I'm determined to make this a more memorable experience. We will probably wait until we know what we're having. For now, I am having a difficult time not buying all the things.

Yes, please. I'll take one of everything.

He has been the BEST EVER OF ALL TIME. I'm glad no one is keeping a record of foot rubs and back scratches...because I'd be in debt for the rest of my life.

Things I'm looking forward to:
Getting out of the awkward chubby tummy stage.
Decorating!!!! I have so many ideas. Boy or girl, my nursery ideas are the same. And no, it has nothing to do with Harry Potter.
Weddings! Despite being larger than normal, I am so excited to get to my weddings for this season.

I'm probably a pretty boring pregnant lady. Honestly, I know I don't jump up and down all that much when people ask me how I'm doing. Babies are so cool and I'm very much looking forward to meeting mine. I can't help but think of the seriousness of this situation. We are bringing a LIFE, another HUMAN BEING into this world. That responsibility is (while such a joy) a wonderful burden I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I don't go into this lightly. It's not a game to me. So yeah, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't freaked out just a little bit.