Thoughts on Being Pregnant | How We Told Our Parents | Week 15

Holy cow - week 15. How is that even possible? That means week 20 is right around the corner AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF! Today's post is all about how we told our parents.

When we found out, I looked on Youtube and Pinterest and Google and other searchable website for pregnancy reveal ideas. Nothing appealed to me. The ones I really liked, most of my friends had already done those. Not that I couldn't reuse a good idea, but I do like being original when I can. So, with the least amount of drama possible, Cal and I decided we would tell our parents and siblings on Christmas Day.

Our tale starts at 6 am on Christmas morning. The kittens were rowdy, as usual, so I woke up early to get a shower, and forced Cal out of bed to open presents. It was the first Christmas in our new home and we wanted to do our gift exchange in front of our tree.

Since we've been married, my parents have hosted breakfast at their house. Just like last year, and others before, we showed up around 8 am. Cal and I were both nervous about saying anything. To be honest, I hate telling people news about myself, even my family. It makes me uncomfortable, exposed, and then everyone stares at you...or worse, cries. In preparation to simply rip off the proverbial band aid, one of my mom's presents included a baby onesie at the bottom. Right after we arrived, my mom mentioned that a friend of the family's would be joining us for breakfast. [Panic set in. Cal was feeling the same way, I could tell by the look he shot me. We both knew our surprise would have to wait. I wasn't comfortable sharing one of the biggest, most personal secrets with my family with a semi-stranger in the house.] Being that my parents would open their door to anyone who didn't have a place to celebrate, I knew there was no turning back. I said, "Ooops, mom, this is Debbie's (Cal's mom) present. I'm sorry, I must have swapped hers with yours."...and put it back in the car.

We continued with breakfast, opened gifts, and the entire time, I was so sad.

My mom, the woman who gave me life, who labored for 23 hours only to then have a c-section, who was ready to be a grandmother the day I said "I do", would not be the first to know. UUUUUUUUGH SELF-INFLICTED GUILT, YOU ARE THE WORST!

When we got in the car to go to Cal's parent's house, we could not figure out what to do. I cried a little. Okay, a lot. Should we continue with our well-calculated reveal to his parents, or should we delay the news until after Christmas dinner? After a tiny moment of heated discussion, I demanded we go forward with my plan. I kept saying "My mom will HAVE to understand!" Lol...dramatic much? (JUST what I was trying to avoid!)

With Cal's family, we open gifts from youngest to oldest. Cal always goes first, then he goes to work on Christmas dinner, then me, then the others, then Cal's mom, Debbie. (Sorry, Debbie, I just outed you as the oldest!) When we finally got to Debbie, she opened a gift from Josh and Sarah, then went to reach for mine. I asked if she could open ours (a series of 4 themed presents) last, but Ernie had a surprise planned for her at the end. She proceeded to open gifts, all were labeled and claimed to be "Debbie's colors" of pink and blue. She never caught on about the colors. Finally, the last gift was here. She opened a box full of blue kitchen sponges. Hahah! She did a great job at acting appreciative, until I told her there was something else underneath. Slowly, she unfolded a piece of tissue paper and looked up at us. "Really?" she said.  Josh, Sarah, and Ernie had no clue what she was looking at. "What, what is it?" they all said. She held up the onesie and very quietly, all eyes were on us. "You're going to have a baby?" "This is wonderful!" "I can't believe it!" The explosive exclamations of love came our way. We sure did surprise them all! I'm so glad it worked out with Debbie's themed gifts...she is a tough cookie to shop for and you can't really sneak anything past her.

Normally, we finish exchanging gifts and do a frantic scramble to get the house cleaned up and finish dinner for the DOZENS of people arriving in just a couple of hours. Before the frenzy began, Cal read his family their rights. We explained that we weren't able to tell my parents because of the unexpected guest, and he literally threatened them. I was ROLLING. Hahaha! It was both hilarious and scary because I couldn't tell how serious he was. Everyone agreed to stay silent and we went about our crazy clean up.

Skip forward several hours. People arrived. We ate dinner. Of course, my mom talked about something involving babies. I thought Josh was going to explode with laughter (or maybe out of fear of Cal). Dessert came and it went. Everyone left. Christmas was over. I was exhausted. I believe it was about 8 pm and I knew my day wasn't over.

Cal and I drove back to my parent's house to "take her the gift I forgot." We walked in, sat down nonchalantly, and handed her the box. It was a pair of pajama pants. "Oh, these are so pretty! Thank you!" I saw her look down at the onesie, not really understanding that it didn't go with the pajama pants. She picked it up, said "Oh look, a matching shirt." (ps - it didn't match AT ALL.) Then she really held it up, stared at it, cried and said "You're pregnant?" all at once. Relief. My parents knew. We gave them a similar threatening speech for them not to let this out until we were ready to share it. They were so happy and even my brother looked stunned.

Telling your family you're going to have a baby is a super weird experience. I'm glad we waited until Christmas, but the 2.5 weeks of knowing before them was KILLER. 

Thanks for hanging in for the long haul. This is probably the longest pregnancy post I'll have. There was no short way of telling this confusing tale.