Thoughts on Being Pregnant | Week 18

Happy 18 weeks! Almost halfway there! I can't believe it. Most likely, every one of these posts will include "I can't believe it" somewhere in the opening paragraph. I still can't believe it. Will I ever "believe" it? Probably yes, but when I'm screaming at Cal and doctors to take the pain away.

I am going to be a mom.



"Hi, my name is Mom. What's yours?"

Cal and I have actually discussed the fact that we don't want our names to change to Mom and Dad. You know how Grandmas eventually just go by "Grandma" even by their own kids? Growing up, my mom and dad called each other by their real names, even around us kids. Come to think of it, I've been calling my mom "Gloria" for many years now...hmm...

I'm so sorry, but any customized baby gifts will have to wait. I am 99% sure we won't tell anyone the baby's name. (It might be because we'll still be figuring it out 2 days before he or she is born, but that's beside the point.) I think we'll even wait to tell our parents...still trying to decide on that though. Sorry, parents.

People and Strangers
Since my week 16 warning, I've only had 2 people who should not have touched my stomach touch my stomach. I'm guessing they don't read my blog, so I'll give them a pass this once. But rest assured, next time, there will be swatting. Other than that, a family member here, a friend there, it's been okay. Much to their chagrin, there still isn't much to touch, other than my usually doughy tummy. (Not beating myself up, but I haven't had visible abs in YEARS.)

We have made a fair amount of progress. I'm ready for the painting/door hanging stage to be done. I just want to assemble the crib and pick out the sheets! I would have to have the crib to assemble it, but that will happen eventually. 

Painting in progress. Goodbye, electric blue! 

Painting in progress. Goodbye, electric blue! 

Hello, soft light green! 

Hello, soft light green! 

That's better. I can stand to leave the door open now. Oh wait, my dad removed the door and the cats are using it as their painting supply playground. (White paw print on couch was an indicator they had a little too much fun one evening.)  

Speaking of cats. They are really trying to break me in on this whole #teamnosleep thing. Since the time change, Frasier has decided to wake up with the birds...they start chirping around 5:30 am. IT IS DARK OUT. GO BACK TO SLEEP! 

While I am fully aware there are 947,000,000 opinions when it comes to carrying, birthing, and rearing a child, Cal and I look forward to deciding what is best for our baby and our family. Who knows...I may decide to go against car seats all together. (That was a joke.)

I am still wearing my normal jeans, but have added the belly band in the last few days. I can still fasten the button on most of my pants, but it makes sitting down difficult. I feel the dramatic "pop" coming any day now.

We will find out the gender within the next month. Let's be real: this is normally a very exciting day for expectant couples, but I am kind of not as hyped about it. I see the merits in a boy. I see how great it would be to have a daughter. Truthfully, I do not care which one we are having. All I know for sure is that my kid will think I'm a weird mom, that Cal's a weird dad, and that we are one goofy, Christ-loving, live-on-a-budget family. He or she will see how much I love Cal. They will also know that I am always on their team, even when I'm putting them in time out. He or she will know that going to church is not optional. (Sorry, not sorry.) Our kid will also be required to work hard in school, be nice to others, learn to share, and find things that fulfill their unique talents and desires. Most important of all, they will know that God loves them and without Jesus Christ, their life will never be complete, even when it seems totally rad. Call me crazy, but that's my parenting philosophy as of right now. Did I share too much? Probably. Will a lot of people disagree with me? Maybe. Does that mean I'm going to implement my ideas onto your child and family? Absolutely not. Will I have to change a lot of this because I will look up one day and have no clue what I'm doing as a parent? DEFINITELY!!!

So far, I am loving this season of life. My cousins and bestie are already planning a shower for me. I have received so many sweet congratulatory texts, messages, and in-person hugs.

Until next week!