Thoughts on Being Pregnant | Week 25

We are just 15 weeks til blast off. I'm certain there are few women who have said the following words and actually mean them the same way I do, "I want to be pregnant forever." Currently, my daughter is safe. She is alive. She is being taken care of. While I intend on continuing all of those things after she is born, we are still facing uncertainty with her condition.

Even though I am scared and face the unknown for our baby, I am choosing to trust in the will of God. For those of you who know me, you understand that my belief in God is what fuels and guides my life. I do not claim to be perfect. I have made many mistakes in my life. Just because I am a Christian, it does not mean my life will be without heartache. It doesn't mean I'll get everything I want. But I hope it will help me handle any situation with grace, patience, and strength. I hope I can teach my daughter these things. Like any mom, I hope I am worthy of her.

Things baby got to do this week:
-She got to hear Beth Moore speak! Beth is a Christian teacher for ladies. I have done a number of her studies and find myself better off because of it. Last weekend, I went with Cal's mom and my sister in law, Sarah, to her conference in Norfolk. Baby loved the music. I loved the encouragement. Beth offered a time of prayer for physical ailments. She reminded us that, even though we have physical suffering, the most important healing that can ever be is spiritual. We are here on this Earth for a moment. It helped put things in perspective for my situation. 
-She got to try Waffle House! I know, "eww, gross," but it's one of my favorites.
-She went to the spa with me. My mom took me to get a mani/pedi last week. Aside from not being able to have the deep tissue massage on my legs and feet, I was able to relax.
-FAVORITE moment yet: I woke up at 4:30 one morning and Niles was laying on my tummy. He was purring and she was kicking. I smiled and didn't mind how early it was because that was a wonderful moment. These cats love me and I know they'll adore her once she arrives.

Cal and I finally registered, too! We selected Babies R Us and Target. Let me tell you, that was one of the most overwhelming experiences of my lifetime. HOW MANY STROLLERS CAN ONE COMPANY MAKE?! And don't get me started on bottles! I stared at bottle shapes, brands, flow speed, and more for what seemed like eternity. Basically, we ended up picking the first things that caught our eye. Since then, I've read up on the brands and feel confident they will suit our needs. Luckily, we had a good time together. Cal kept asking if babies really need all this stuff.

I've hit the chipmunk stage. My cheeks are fuller and my arms are starting to get puffy. I know most of this is unavoidable, but I'm going to add some more physical activity to my daily schedule to keep it at a minimum. Other than that, my doc says I'm healthy and I feel great. 

Thanks again for checking in. We could still use your prayers. :)

I just saw that Minnie Mouse sippy cup...must find that to add to my registry. Haha!!  

I just saw that Minnie Mouse sippy cup...must find that to add to my registry. Haha!!