Thoughts on Being Pregnant | Week 26

Life has now hit whirlwind status because I have 4 very special weddings coming up in the next few weeks. Blogging tends to fall to the wayside during the busy season, but I definitely want to keep up with these posts. I know I will enjoy reading them again one day. It's been interesting, juggling job, wedding planning, and baby excitement...let's just say my house isn't always as clean as I would like. BUT I've managed to keep the floors vacuumed. WIN!

Not sure if I'm early on this, but I've hit the wall of no sleep. Some nights, I wake up and can't fall back asleep for an hour or two. On Mother's Day, I opened my eyes at 5 am and was WIDE AWAKE. I was also starving, so I decided to get up and make myself a gigantic breakfast. How rude would it have been for me to hog all the yummies? So what did I do? I served Cal breakfast in bed. On Mother's Day. Hmm. He has bragged about how he pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the world of tradition. It's okay, I'm sure he and the cats will bring me breakfast in bed on Father's Day.

People have asked about cravings. I literally have not had any "cravings." I define that word as something a pregnant lady would kill for. Nope, no one has come close to that yet, so we're good. Basically, I'm just hungry all the time, which increases my chance of excess weight gain, should I give in to everything. Can you have a craving for a nap?

Things baby got to do this week:

  • Went to see a movie! I honestly don't remember the last movie we saw in theaters, but I do remember crying uncontrollably. It could have been Star Wars, though I find that very hard to believe because that was back in December. We treated her to unhealthy popcorn and a small Root Beer. Fortunately, she only made me get up one time. ps- Those theater seats are killer on the ol' back.
  • More kitty snuggles. Niles has been sleeping closer to my stomach a lot more lately. I am thankful for this for multiple reasons. 1) He knows she is in there and 2) He has made fewer attempts to nurse on my neck. Thank you, baby, for this diversion. I can't tell you how annoying [sweet] his little habit is, especially at 3 am.
  • Her grandmas ordered her crib! I have been hesitant to continue setting up the nursery. Some days, going in there is too hard. She needs a place to lay her head - it would be silly of me not to get ready for her.
  • All the kicking and naps!
  • We said goodbye to her great grandfather, my Papa. Over the weekend, we went to see him. I put his hand to my belly. He was awake, but I'm not sure he could feel her moving. There isn't much sadness in my family because Papa lived a long, full life and he is in Heaven now. That's how it should happen, death. To be surrounded by your family after a lifetime of working, loving, and serving. I pray for her life, that it might mimic his. 
They must inspect everything, including this crib box.

They must inspect everything, including this crib box.

Things you can pray for this week: That I stay pregnant as long as the doctors will allow. Right now, I'm healthy and should carry to term, but I wouldn't mind an extra week tacked on to that. Cook, baby, cook! Also, pray for my physical strength as my weddings pick up. I'm taking at least 2 assistants with me to each one because I will be limited in my abilities to lift and carry things. I'm thankful for the help that's been offered.

My friend, Angela, saw my post last week. I mentioned this sippy cup and she was sweet enough to pick it up for me (well, for baby)! Oh, the power of social media! ;)

My friend, Angela, saw my post last week. I mentioned this sippy cup and she was sweet enough to pick it up for me (well, for baby)! Oh, the power of social media! ;)