Thoughts on Being Pregnant | Week 27

It's week 27? Wowser! I'm feeling great and enjoying this stage of my pregnancy. Despite our trials, I truly love this pregnancy. We are doing our very best to savor the little things, including making fun of me when I have a hard time rolling over in my sleep. Cal and I have had our laughs at Niles for squeaking whenever he jumps or gets picked up...I'm turning into Niles.

Itchy Tummy
My belly is stretching. Man, y'all weren't kidding about the itch factor. I am a faithful user of cocoa oil and moisturizers, but those don't always help. If you see me frantically scratching my tummy, try not to stare and tell me how nice I look. ;)

None yet.

Pet Peeves
I'm gonna get real for a second. Because we are facing potential complications with our baby girl, my number one biggest annoyances are those hot button debates people have over how to raise children. Public school vs. homeschooling. Breast feeding vs. formula. To use a nursing cover or let it all hang out. People using the bathroom. All of these issue are important to some, but truth be told, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEM AT ALL. I just want my baby to be okay. I can't tell you how many articles I've hidden from my Facebook news feed. So much time is dedicated to fighting for these "causes" all the while women have lost children, are caring for children with challenges, or can never have children.

We have our nursery furniture. (Thanks, moms and aunt Tricia!) I keep pushing things around the room because I can't decide what looks best. The kittens are definitely interested in the crib, but can't figure out how to get in it, thank goodness. I keep the door closed while we're not in there, but sometimes Frasier will cry for me to let him in.

My Health
Apparently, I am in tiptop condition. Blood pressure is great. I'm measuring normally. I've gained a few more pounds that I care to admit, but the doctor didn't mention this as a problem at my last visit. I am thankful to be healthy. It's important to keep her inside as long as possible, so I must maintain a calm, comforting environment for her. Maybe she'll never want to leave!!

Things baby girl got to do this week:
-She went to her first funeral. This is a weird one to add to the list, but it was important to me. As I mentioned last week, my papa went to be with the Lord. During the service, she moved the entire time. It was hard to pay attention. lol
-She got to try my favorite brownies of all time! My bff's mom makes these caramel brownies for special events. She whipped up a batch for one of our family dinners last week and I'm not ashamed to say I ended up sneaking some home with me. So tasty. Glad she got to try them!
-She got to be with me as I sang on Sunday morning. This is one of my favorites. She moves a lot when music is playing, but I don't notice a whole lot of movement when I'm singing. I do have this paranoia that she'll start moving so much, people will be able to see it. Haha!

Screen grab from this week's worship service. That's the best bump pic I got this week. Oops.

Screen grab from this week's worship service. That's the best bump pic I got this week. Oops.

God has blessed us throughout our pregnancy. Cal and I believe our doctor was sent to us from God. After hearing 3 times from other doctors that we should consider terminating, he told us we were courageous. I don't tell you this to make me look strong. I'm not strong. I've decided to talk about these things because no one does. People don't bring it up until they're looking to shove advice in another person's face. I hope our story will help other families in the future. These things are real and they happen to real people. When a doctor tells you your baby's life isn't worth saving, that's a lot to take in. After getting actual test results (not going on the doc's hunch), we have learned our daughter may have a chance at somewhat of a normal life. It's what we are hoping for. And if she doesn't, she is teaching me every day that carrying her and helping her through life will be one of the greatest privileges of all time.

Stay encouraged. This life is hard and messy and unpredictable. Fortunately, we are not alone.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
James 1:2-4