Thoughts on Being Pregnant | Week 29

Do you know what comes after 29? 30! Then the 10 week countdown. Ten. Ten weeks. Okay, so right now, I have 11. Still, it feels like only yesterday that I got that positive test result. Our first ultrasound was like 2 weeks ago, right?

My Health
On Sunday morning, I visited my brother in law's small group before heading to my own. He leads the young adults group. One of them asked if I ran there. I was so winded from walking up the stairs...ahaha! I've totally reached the point of barely being able to see my feet when I look down. Small tasks make me winded. Bending over is a small challenge. BUT I can still turn over in my sleep without waking up. WIN!

He is hands down the best guy to deal with my pregnant demands. Ladies, marry the man who will tolerate your emotions, silly requests, and lovingly keep you in check.

I still haven't had any cravings. I'm not sure I will, or maybe I'm just so preoccupied with other issues. The one thing I want is ice in my drink. Is that too much to ask? It's getting HOT and this mama needs to cool down. Our ice machine broke and after a superbly terrible encounter with an appliance repair company, it will probably stay broken. I have one ice tray. Granted, it makes Mickey-shaped ice, but I use an entire tray in one fell swoop. Gonna be a long summer.

I showed you a picture of the crib in last week's post. I wanted to get a few more things up on the walls, but our hammer has vanished. "But Sterling, it's so easy to borrow a hammer from a friend or neighbor." Yes, it is. If I didn't have a billion things going on in my brain (aka -  double wedding week, people!), I would remember to ask someone. The real goal is to have the room ready by the end of July, so I still have plenty of time. Maybe we'll find our hammer.

Bump Pic
FINALLY remembered to take one!

Things baby girl got to do this week:
-Eat at Cook Out! You knew there was going to be at least one food highlight on this list. I mean, food is pretty much the most excitement a baby can have in the womb. I crushed an entire tray AND a milkshake.
-We slept! Seriously, I was able to get so much rest this past weekend. It was needed. This included a lot of kitten snuggling. I call her "sister" when I talk to the buddies. I'm hoping it'll be a word they recognize.
-We went shopping together. Haha - this seems so silly, but I found a few things on major sale. Gotta start 'em while they're young. This little baby already has waaaayyy too much newborn sized clothing. Between my mom and I, we've ensured she'll be well dressed the first 2-3 weeks of her life.
-She got her first baby gift off the registry! Our dear friend and her sweet kids sent us a car seat! The kittens are forever trying to learn what it does.

Cal and I have received so many sweet cards of encouragement lately. From family to friends, it is incredible how loved it makes us feel. I could not imagine going through life's challenges without a good support system. Surround yourself with people who will love you when you need it most. Fortunately, I was born into a top-notch family, but if they weren't around, I know my friends would be there just the same.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.
Proverbs 16:9