Thoughts on Being Pregnant | Week 34 | What Pregnancy Has Taught Me

Some of you may have noticed I did not write a post last week. It just didn't happen.

Over the last 34 weeks, I have learned a lot about the world. And people. And myself. Being pregnant was never something I needed to make me feel whole. Motherhood hasn't been an end goal for me. And yet, I now find myself identifying as a mom to this little girl, and that's both a scary and a joyous thought. 

I have learned that our society teaches parents to relish in complaining about their children. How many countless times have we vented on social media about our kid's poopy diaper or the sleepless nights or the terrible twos? I always found this rather curious before my pregnancy. And now, I think of the mom who won't ever have the chance to get upset because her son has wet the bed again. I think about the dad who won't ever get to clean the crayon off the hallway before his wife gets home. I know social media is a great way to connect with friends who might be able to support us through our tough times, but I know it is also so easy to use it as a tool to gain pity.

Being pregnant has taught me how to love my husband better. I see the sacrifices he makes for me and baby. I see him differently. I love him more. 

Being pregnant has taught me more about God's love. Not how much he loves us, but how he loves us. I would literally take my daughter's place if I could. Any pain or trial she will face, I wish it could be mine. God did that very thing for us. I would be happy to go more in depth about this with you, if you'd like. 

I have learned that if you stand up for yourself, people will listen. From the get go, I didn't want advice. I didn't want to hear birth horror stories. I didn't want others to tell me how to raise my child. Looking at our difficult situation, I'm thankful I voiced my wants so early on. 

Things baby girl got to do this week:
-We went to see the Navy ships on July 4th! I wasn't allowed on the carrier (the whole no-pregnant-women-on-board thing), but I enjoyed checking it out. Who knew an aircraft carrier was so gigantic! Even living in Hampton Roads my entire life, I've never seen one up close.
-We had maternity photos taken by my dear friend, Daytona. I cannot wait to see them. I will treasure those photos forever.
-The kitties have been extra snuggly lately. Niles has been cuddling on my stomach more and more...I think because it's getting bigger and bigger. I know they are just animals, but at the same time, they are more than pets.

My precious furball, Niles. Sorry, it's super blurry.

My precious furball, Niles. Sorry, it's super blurry.

I'm trying to enjoy the last several weeks as we prepare for her birth. I could really use your prayers. Pregnancy itself is terrifying, but I'm mostly dreading labor. Every time I go to the doctor, they ask if I'm having contractions. WHY ARE THEY EVEN ASKING THAT QUESTION?!...I've only been pregnant for like three months, right? As always, thank you to everyone who prays for us and sends sweet words. Cal and I appreciate our community.