Regrets You Won't Have: Investing in a Professional Wedding Photographer | Guest Post: Andrew & Tianna

It is a great honor to have creative business friends contribute to help educate my readers and clients. Andrew and Tianna are among the best of the best in our area and I greatly value their advice. The part of planning I am most passionate about is the quality of your photographer. Take a minute to read their top reasons for investing in a professional wedding photographer! 

I’m not sure I had ever sweat this much in my life. Noooo, that’s silly - of course I had...but on that warm June day, at the beachfront wedding venue in my huge ruffled wedding dress I felt like a I was a one of those poor people in a team mascot suit on the hottest day of summer. I remember Andrew was red all over - not quite sure if it was from the sun or nerves. I remember jumping in that huge halter wedding dress for a photo op directed by our photographer. I remember how awkward our family photos were and feeling like we didn’t get much direction.
Friends, we never had this - this experience we are we incredibly passionate about it. In our engagement photos we felt like a number, a job to be completed - instead of really feeling like that time was for us to reconnect & remember why we are doing all of this in the first place. We didn’t have a photographer who would sit down and talk about our timeline with us, making sure it was optimized for our enjoyment and them being able to dutifully document all the moments we wanted and needed. We were never educated on the best products to display our images in our home. To be honest - if you asked to see our wedding images...I wouldn’t show them to you. Half of them are awkward and the other half - blurry.

As wedding photographers now Andrew & I wish we could go back and shake 18 & 19 year old us. We didn’t have much and got married before Pinterest was invented but boy oh boy we STILL ran up our credit card bill on a LOT for our wedding I wish we hadn’t. If I could tell any bride getting married it would be this - please please please hire a professional photographer and here’s why:
1. Timelines, plans, and backup plans for the plans, and all the necessary equipment. You’ve never done this before - and I hope if you are reading this you plan on hiring a professional wedding planner or day of coordinator but a beautiful wedding is a team effort. A professional photographer will be able to work with you to design a timeline that guarantees you have enough time for all the moments you want and need captured from your day. If things dont go as planned a professional can roll with the punches and still make sure to get you amazing images and document your story beautifully.. Having an indoor wedding, an outdoor one, in a church with very low lighting, or even during a hurricane (because we’ve shot three of those)? A pro will have the equipment to make sure no matter where, when, or the weather conditions your images will absolutely be beautiful, properly exposed, and true to life.
2. This is YOUR wedding. While bridezilla may be a term we all hate, you deserve to be a little spoiled. A professional photographer has time for that. You are going to need someone on your team who can will answer emails in a timely manner and knows their stuff. We’ve had brides who have texted or called us inthe middle of meetings with other vendors to ask us questions about where things should be placed for the best photos/lighting and we were happy to respond immediately. We know you care deeply about the details of your wedding and love when our couples ask us questions. Your photographer is a resource & wants the
very best for you - dont be afraid to use them!
3. Print those images. Our promise to our couples is a simple one - to give you authentic photographs filled with true-to-life moments & products designed to last a lifetime. A professional photographer can and should make sure you get the very best quality because we know you are going to want to show those beautiful moments off. We dont give our clients a CD of images and send you off hoping you purchase a product that it wont peel or fade within a few months. A pro knows all the best labs and options for you to ensure the images you have invested in show off the true beauty of your day, the best there is to offer.

Your love, your relationship, your unique journey and your life together deserve to be documented beautifully, professionally, and honestly.You are more than a job, and you should be treated as such! It’s absolutely an investment and one I promise 50 year old you will not regret for a second.

Love, Andrew & Tianna

Portrait photos courtesy Andrew & Tianna