Some Weird Facts About Being a Wedding Vendor

There's nothing like making someone's wedding dreams come true, that's for sure! I love every aspect of working with weddings, save the occasional ungrateful party guest. But there are some things you should know about us wedding vendors. Before delving into the wacky wed world, I had no clue this would become my reality. I hope you'll have fun reading my list of weird facts about being a wedding vendor.

Photo: Daytona Lamade

Photo: Daytona Lamade

  • Your social media news feed is consumed with peonies, gowns, cakes, and many other things with the hashtags "#styledshoot" "communityovercompetition" or "soloverly." Seriously, looking at Facebook for me is like flipping through a beautiful wedding mag with the random newborn baby pic or poorly-taken-grandpa-selfie thrown in the mix.
  • You have never met half of your friends list. THIS IS REAL. I'm friends with planners, florists, cake bakers, DJs, etc and for the most part, I've never laid eyes on them in real life.
  • You have a new standard for measuring cakes and desserts. Cake has always been my downfall. While I would never boast loving Walmart bakery cakes, I probably would not turn my nose up at them. After making it through several dozen weddings, the bar was raised. Buttercream icing? That's fine, but it better be just as light and creamy as that Incredible Edibles beauty I sampled last summer. Not only by taste, but I judge cakes based on their visual appeal as well. Rosettes, naked, covered in fresh flowers - somebody, WOW me!
  • Shoes are the most talked about topic of all time. When you spend 13, 14, or 17 hours on your feet, shoes are important. I have had so many initial conversations with other vendors all about shoes. Haha! "Hi, I'm Sterling, nice to meet ya. Oh my gosh, what kind of shoes are those? Are they comfortable? Can you wear them all day? Do they smell when they get wet?"
  • Wedding hangover is a real and serious thing. Remember your high school prom? You woke up the next morning, hair still all pinned up, your feet were swollen from dancing, and your mascara smudged all over your eyes. That is wedding hangover every single time. Typically, I get home, throw on the closest lounge clothes and pass out quickly before the cats think it's time to play.
  • The best time to hang out is on a Tuesday at 11:00 am. But really, you only have time for a cup of coffee because you have to make that 12:30 venue walk through. But that coffee date, it'll get rescheduled 22 times. And not on a Saturday. If you have one of those free, those are sacred. Like sleep-in-til-lunch-and-never-leave-your-pajamas sacred.

Wedding vendor pals, did I miss anything? I'm certain there are loads of other quirky facts you could add to this list and keep the readers here all day.

For those of you who haven't jumped into the deep waters of the wedding world, I hope this provided a little insight to why your wedding planner, caterer, or photographer might seem a little different than the average human.