YOU Can Make It Happen | A Pep Talk

Don't know if you saw my Facebook and Instagram posts this week, but I am THRILLED to be working with Amanda Hedgepeth Photography on her Salt Air Workshop this coming Fall!!!!!! <----insert ALL the exclamation points.

A few people have asked, "How in the heck did you get this gig?" I find myself asking that same question. Haha! Amanda has been SO influential in our local market, and beyond, and I've long admired her work. She shot my very FIRST wedding, which was both an exhilarating experience and a terrifying one! (Imagine being brand new at this and working with someone you've followed on the interwebs for forever!) I've been thinking up a shoot she and I could do together for a while, but hadn't had the time or guts to ask if she would be up for it.

But then, I just jumped in and did it. And she said yes.

Someone even said I was lucky. And yes, I AM! I'm blessed to be working with her. But you know what? I reached out and went for it. I took a leap of faith and put myself out there. Made myself vulnerable. And it paid off.

Another jaw-dropping moment for me was when Hannah Hildebrandt send me a Facebook message earlier this year. She was expecting a baby in June of this year. She asked ME if I would consider being her stand-in for her June 27th couple. (Picture it: me, melting into a puddle on the floor because the wedding planner I looked up to for so long asked me to help her!) And not that this was the only reason she asked (we all know it was my dashingly good looks - ha!), but I offered to volunteer for her last summer. I basically said, "I just want to learn. Can I help you? I will come be an extra pair of hands at one of your weddings." And there I was, just a month later, helping her set up a wedding reception at Hunt Club Farm.

Do I think all things happen by our own strength and capabilities? No. Sometimes, people fall into success. Sometimes, it's just handed to them. I choose to not get upset or jealous about that because it's just the natural ebb and flow of what we like to call "fairness." Maybe I'll trip and fall into a mountain of money....or maybe I'll just have to work really hard to earn it. Either way, I'm going to be really thankful for the path that gets me there. And I like to think it'll be partly because I took the first step.